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Boudoir & Intimate Portraits


Why you should hang your boudoir art on your walls.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a spouse or want to buy a photo album or boudoir art for your walls, a custom boudoir photo session can create the perfect images to feature in your bedroom.

A professional boudoir photography session can be just as much about the fun experiences during the session as it is about the images taken. Instead of thinking about how you look around your office or home environment, think instead about the fun things that happen during your session—a moment when you find love at first sight in one of my photos or even a candid conversation to get to know each other between us. I always know where to place my focus. And I’m sure you’ll enjoy viewing those moments over time, too!

Having your boudoir art hanging on your wall allows you to look back at this moment every day and remember how powerful and positive your experience was.

Believe it or not, we all tend to focus more on the negative in life. It’s just a cold hard fact of life. Looking back on our experiences and watching videos of past nights out can sometimes take your mind off your current problems and negativity, making you feel worse about yourself. But once you start working toward something bigger than just feeling better today, you’ll see how much stronger your emotional immune system is. Having witnessed hundreds of clients over the years, I know that when someone says they don’t feel emotionally strong, your first thought is probably “how could she? She loves herself!” Well, yes, most people do love themselves, but if one of your top priorities is loving yourself, what does that say about your overall relationship with your body and soul?

Remind yourself of your strength.

Nothing can dampen your spirit like feeling down about your body, or the way you look. Let’s face it, we all have issues with our bodies and society has such warped views of a “normal” women’s body. I have photographed hundreds if not thousands of women during my career of all shapes and sizes and one thing is for certain… they all fell in love with themselves again by the time they left my studio. Having that constant reminder that you are beautiful, that you are worthy hung on the wall every day is a game changer in my book! It can lead to a boost of confidence every day when you’re getting ready for the day, more intimacy in the bedroom, a glow of radiance surrounding you. It’s a constant reminder of the life changing experience you had with my team and I!

Create a stunning gift for your spouse or yourself.

If you’re planning on giving a meaningful gift to your spouse this year, a boudoir photo session album and wall art is the way to go! Our hand bound albums are high quality and will last a lifetime to be cherished for years!  You can even write a love letter to your partner using one of your paragraphs with a romantic tinting treatment added to it! On top of albums is our custom wall art from canvases to acrylic and even metal prints to feature all of your beauty in the perfect way. I often tell clients to hang these in their closet first if they are worried about the images being seen by friends or family. And once they are comfortable moving them out into the bedroom, because you deserve to be featured!!! You won’t believe how many of your close friends will swoon over your boudoir art! 

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