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Hi there! I’m Belinda and I’m extremely passionate about helping women rediscover their beauty, reconnect with their sensual side, and to see themselves for the incredibly gorgeous women that they are. The boudoir experience that I provide is extremely motivating, self confidence building, and an absolutely fun experience that you will be talking about for the rest of your life. I can’t wait to see you in my studio.


I felt sexy and delicious in my own skin

So ladies... I had my first ever boudoir shoot today. And let me tell you...what a transformative experience. I've struggled with body image issues almost my whole life. I struggle with anxiety and depression. But today I took a huge step out of my comfort zone. And it was such a beautiful session. Belinda Perkins was so nice and calming and made everything so easy and flawless. She made me feel gorgeous and every photo was a jaw dropper!! I felt sexy and delicious in my own skin. If any of you have wanted to do this but have had doubts, do not hesitate. This is such and empowering gift to yourself!! You'll feel like the bombshell you have always been!! No one should miss a chance to feel fierce and fabulous!! I feel like a new woman Thank you Belinda for such an incredible day. I can't wait to see the photos!!


Thank you for pushing me out

of my very conservative low self esteem shell,

and thank you for crying with me ! You are doing what God made you to do!!! :heart::heart:

Ashley Z

oh dear lord...

I'm blushing hard core right now... LOL!!! You made me look so sexy!!!!


I cried in December when I saw these photos & I cried again last night

A few months back, I marked a boudoir shoot off my bucket list. With incredible timing, it was when I needed my soul & confidence boosted the most. Shamelessly, I am obsessed with these photos. I cried in December when I saw these photos & I cried again last night when I looked at the images again. GIRLS, PLEASE!! (and guys too if you're up to it lol), if you ever feel low about yourself, need a reminder of your beauty, or simply just want to have fun, DO A BOUDOIR SHOOT!!! Belinda Perkins, you are incredible with your art & THANK YOU.**


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